Monday, November 2, 2009

Yesterday was my first World Vegan Day!!!

Before I was Vegan I didn't even know Vegans had their own holiday! lol. But really World Vegan Day is more of a day to help non-vegans get a feel for being vegan and maybe try it out. 

    My Vegan Day Activity was that I went to my mom's house and talked to my fourteen year old sister about vegetarianism, she has been flirting with it for a while but doesn't quite know how to go about it, I just made sure she knows that I'm here for her whenever she's ready to make her decision. It's terribly hard to grow up vegan in a house full of meat-eaters. But I did it, so I know it is possible, it's just a little harder. But...
"all good things are worth the work."
    I even had a little debate with my mom on the subject. She was once vegetarian, but has returned to eating meat. She was partially the reason I decided to give up meat in the first place, so I am rather disappointed that she went back to the "dark side" lol. 

On a side note I vote that everyone should go to Compassion over Killing and order a free copy of the recipe book. I just got mine in the mail and I'm SO excited to try out all the recipes. I'm even planning my holiday meals already. :)

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