Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Combining blogs, and other dramatic events.

I will no longer be posting on I am officially combining my personal blog and my vegan blog. There is no need for seperation. Veganism and animal rights plays into ever aspect of my life and it will just be easier and more convenient for everyone if I just update one blog instead of two. Keep everything in the same place. So happy reading. Hopefully this will mean more posts and a prettier blog. So be sure to follow this one!
First on this entries agenda is the fact that I am once again sitting in the hospital with my son. Spent the night last night with the idea that we were going to be here at least a week. He has RSV and with his past heart and lung problems the doctor wanted to admit him to make sure that it wasn't going to advance and effect anything else. Luckily the doctor came in this morning and said that if everything goes to plan today that we can go home tomorrow. Thank God. It's so hard seeing my baby getting poked and suctioned and cathed. Even harder than it was when he was tiny, just for the fact that now he understands what's going on and can cry "mama" which breaks my heart. He at least seems to be breathing better, eating solids, and hasn't been throwing up. So things are going better than they were at home.
Timing is never right for your child to get sick but right now is an exceedingly terrible time. This week my car needs to get fixed, I have school orientation on Thursday, Vegan drinks on Friday, Peta Fur Free Fashion show on Saturday and classes start on Monday. Guess I'm going to have to cut back on the "fun" stuff and just do my school stuff and take care of the little one.
Also be sure that you guys all check out which is a fabulous new community blog that Kaycee Basset and I started to get lots of vegans involved in community events, recipe sharing, advice, product reviews. No biased, no judgment. We'll all there for the same reason.

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