Thursday, November 5, 2009

A Couple Days Worth of Food Review....

I always thought it would be so hard to be vegan in a farming community like Utah, but I went to and found a ton of vegan friendly restaurants. The first one I decided to try was Este Pizzaria since I was taking my best friend with me and she isn't vegan or even vegetarian and I was like "oh you can never go wrong with vegan pizza!" and I was right she loved it. We ordered the Vegan White Pizza which was olive oil, oregano, tomatoes, vegan cheese (usually comes with onions, but it wasn't that kinda night. haha) But it was only $19 for a medium pizza and 2 sodas. We also got a side order of Garlic Knots which were like $4 but SO worth it.

Then a few nights after I went out and had that fabulous pizza I decided I would make a vegan version of something that my mom made for me all the time when I was a kid it doesn't have a special name, we just always called it "Hot dogs, Potatoes, and Cheese" which is about the most obvious name a dish like this can have. haha. So I just made it with Yves meatless hot dogs, instant mashed potatoes with soy milk and butter substitute and Tofutti American style soy slices. Quick, Easy and even more delicious with a side of vegetables. (pictured here with peas.)


 And finally (this is a long post, I've been behind on my posts. haha.)
The other day I was walking around target before work and noticed this Amy's Kitchen Enchiladas in the freezer, I was a little hesitant to get them, just because you never know. But I love me some enchiladas and it's so hard to find good vegan Mexican food. Especially microwavable!! 


They were so delicious and I recommend the next time you are in the freezer section of any grocery store and you see these you should pick them up. MmmMmm!

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